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Sentence of the day | Day 1 | Hindi to English

Hindi – Tumne mera batua kahaan rakha?

तुमने मेरा बटुआ कहाँ रखा?

English – Where did you keep my wallet?

वेयर डिड यू कीप माय वॉलेट?


October 23, 2018

2 responses on "Sentence of the day | Day 1 | Hindi to English"

  1. thanku sir . sir plz ap synonyms homonyms antonyms ko lekr vedio bna skte ho plzzz sir

  2. Afzal Hussain ansariOctober 25, 2018 at 9:50 pmReply

    Sir, I have confusion about use of would so please explain this word again and sir, please give more example in your web site.

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