Why is It Important to Learn English?

This question often comes to our mind, “Why is it important to learn English?” There are a lot of people struggling to speak English fluently because not being able to speak English makes them feel out of the mainstream. This lowers their confidence, and they struggle a lot to achieve their ambitions and goals. From being the common language, it has become the language of the commons. The culture today is heavily driven by the English language, and this fact makes it even more important to learn English. You won’t need to be an expert in the English language, but you have to master its basics. Here are some of the most common reasons that define the importance of learning the English language. 


Most Common and Spoken Language

The first and foremost reason that makes it important to learn English is that it is the most common language. Even in our daily lives, we often use English words like, ‘sorry’, ‘thank you, ‘please’, ‘bye’, and so on. Imagine a day without speaking a single word in English, and you will struggle to communicate at some point. This is the importance of learning English. This is why everyone should learn English. Just as you have a smartphone with some inbuilt features and technology, our day-to-day conversations are being installed with English words. So, you cannot and you don’t want to skip learning the most common and spoken language, i.e., English. 


Get Better Job Opportunities

Just communicating in your mother tongue may limit you from getting better job opportunities and if you don’t want to face this situation start learning English by today itself after completing this. English has become a language of International business communication. More and more multinational and top-class companies are binding English as their corporate language. Globally most Companies and MNCs give priority to English even before starting one’s interview and if you are good at that – the ball will be in your court, but if not you will end up walking on a rocky path, working in a small office.


Helps to Expand Social and Professional Network

In today’s era, the world’s largest section of people are connected through social media. You can easily find the people of your interest and course English speakers which will not only expand your connections but also polish the way of your speech and accents speaking English virtuously. Exchanging different ideas in English rather than using their native language will make it easy for them to understand you. English can be learned through online effortlessly and efficiently. If you are a beginner, you will end up learning a lot in different sections of English like vocabulary, phrases etc through interaction with people. 

The importance of English has increased at a significant stage in this modern advanced world. A few decades ago, it was just used as a foreign language which was just spoken or learned by fancy high-class families but now it is an international language. English has made great importance for learning in all the countries of the world. At least for those people for whom English is a second language. They try to learn it from the basic level to the advanced level. For non-native English speakers, learning English now starts at preschool age as a foreign language subject which shows a great significance on their knowledge advancement.


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A Building Block of Self-confidence

“English ke peechhe bhaago, confidence jhak maar ke tumhare peechhe aayega”. This line may sound filmy, but it is true. When you know how to speak English, you are more confident. You overcome your fear of speaking in public, and may even shout your opinion clearly without any hesitation. This is because English builds and boosts your confidence and makes you believe in yourself. This enhances your overall personality, and you become even more motivated to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Besides boosting your self-confidence, it gives you self-satisfaction, and your roller coaster ride to your success becomes smooth and fulfilling. 


We hope that you must have understood the importance of learning English in your life, but if you feel that learning English is the ‘golden snitch of Quidditch’, then no worries. You can join Awal’s Spoken English Course for learning English easily. 

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