What Are the Right Ways to Learn English?

Do you know why some people succeed in learning English easily and some struggle too much with it?

No, right!

It is because most of us adopt the wrong approach to learning things, that’s why it is essential to look into the loopholes in the methods we follow while learning English. These loopholes can make our learning process slower and ineffective. The sooner we figure out these loopholes, the better our English will be.


Let’s discuss some of the right ways to help us learn English effectively:


1. Examining your mistakes

Making mistakes while learning is pretty normal. However, we should avoid repeating those mistakes, or the whole purpose of education will never be solved.

In the same way, we often make many mistakes while learning English. Identify what mistakes you are making and avoid repeating them. Try to correct them by speaking or listening practice.


2. Read Novels or Story Books

Start reading books, even if you do not know the grammar rules.

Reading will add new words to your vocabulary, and you will come across sentences you have never heard of.

You will come to know how sentences are formed without even learning any rules of grammar.

Moreover, you will learn different uses of prepositions, adverbs, verbs etc.

We call it the pragmatic way of learning things. It will be very beneficial and give you better results.


3. Motivate Yourself Daily

Self-motivation is the best tool to learn a skill or language. It is obvious to feel demotivated at the beginning of any learning process.

Also, you may often think of giving up, but if you deal with this situation well, you will never look back.

Learn the art of motivating yourself. You can do it when you keep the desired goal in mind.

Keeping yourself motivated will always give you more energy, and your efficiency to learn things will also enhance to the next level.


4. Converse in English

You should converse in English. Speak in English with your friends and try to match their conversational speed.

It is through this activity that you will enhance your English speaking skills.

Speaking English is far different from reading or writing. Therefore, it needs rigorous practice to attain the goal of speaking English fluently.

In addition to it, practise speaking English and gradually, you will find better results.


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5. Be Curious

When you learn something new, you have doubts. Furthermore, these doubts imply that you are curious to know the logic or reason behind a particular thing. Be curious when you learn English. Think and try to get to know why it is so. This will help you in learning English effectively.


6. Listening to English Podcasts or Songs

Listening to Podcasts is one of the best methods of learning English. It allows you to listen to native as well as non-native English speakers. While listening to English speakers, you will find it easy to interpret the language better. Besides this, listening to English songs can also be very beneficial. Songs can also help you have a good vocabulary. This will make your learning process full of fun, and you will enjoy doing it.


7. Learn at Your Own Pace

Reading a lot of books or listening to things too much daily will not help. Instead, we always prioritize quality over quantity. Read a few pages or listen to something for a few minutes daily and practise that. This way you’ll be able to retain what you learn.

We should always learn to retain more information, not just to read it or listen to it. What is more important is how much we learn from every resource.

All you need to remember is to be disciplined while continuing this process and manage to do things well.

In addition, the day you lack discipline, you will have to start everything from the beginning, which will be very monotonous and exhausting.

Moreover, start adopting all these practices in your daily schedules and you will see a phenomenal change in your overall personality.



The approach to learning English matters. The better your learning method is, the better you are going to progress and succeed in life. So, change the way and give your best to what you do. You will find it beneficial.

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