Tips for Successfully Completing an Online Course

We have observed that being self-motivated and having an organized schedule are the greatest requirements for completion of an online course successfully. Let us dive deep into what points make a student complete a course successfully.

We have summed up the below list of tips after deep observation of our online learning students.

Focus on The Big Picture and Set a Goal

The most important tip for anyone joining or thinking to join an online course is to keep learning. We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen that make us lose our focus, but you must keep your goal in mind and go on.

When you set your important goals, you are more likely to manage your schedule in an effective way to achieve them. You need to be passionate about your chosen course to become successful. This passion will encourage you to be focused and to continue learning even in tough times.

Concentrate on the big picture and recall why you chose to learn the course in the first place. You will be closer to fulfilling your dreams before you know it just by taking one step at a time and setting up goals.

Treat The Course as a Job Assignment

Make the course your top priority, and you will not fail at all. Keep in mind that study is your work, and you cannot avoid it. Watch the video lessons, understand the course content available to you, complete assignments, and daily tasks.

You should start treating your course as a job assignment and set daily goals to complete the lessons. Achieving small goals each day will motivate you to keep going.

Make a Plan

Be prepared and set the required hours per day or week into your study plan. We should plan because when it comes to an online course, we don’t have a fixed time to sit and complete our work. We must always make our own schedule to do our work.

I strongly suggest creating a unit wise study plan and time management strategy beforehand according to the prescribed study hours per week.

Manage Your Time

Making a schedule is easy but sticking to it is not easy, so set a schedule that you can stick to. You can make your life easier by fixing a few hours for studies and avoid doing anything other than study unless there is an emergency.

Do not wait until the last second to complete and submit your assignments because it only adds stress to your life. If you proactively work on your assigned tasks, you will feel better and have enough time to fix issues if there are any. Make a schedule and inform your family members and colleagues, so that they do not disturb you during your study time. It is crucial to have the support of people you are surrounded with. They cannot help you succeed if you do not give them a chance.

Time management is a skill that applies to everything in your life, and you cannot succeed at all without effective time management. Make a weekly schedule in advance, so that you know what you are going to do.

Find a Peaceful Space

Pick a time for your studies during the day when either other members of the family are not at home or resting. Pick a corner of the house where you can study peacefully. You must choose an area to study where there is no distraction. Discuss the place and time of study with your family, so that they learn about your schedule and not disturb you. This strategy will not only benefit students, but also those employees who are working from home.

Defeat the Distractions

We know that we need to fix time for assignments and studies. You must isolate yourself from distractions. It is important to stay away from the television or Mobile phones and turn off your notifications when we study. A distraction-free environment slows your thinking down and helps you focus on your studies with ease. This strategy helps you overcome the problem of not being able to concentrate when you try to study.

Limit Social Media

I understand that it is fun to browse the internet and kill time by watching some funny and surprising videos on different social media platforms, but this is a big distraction for you.

One of my colleagues who has recently completed an online course said, “One reason for the successful completion of my studies with good grades is turning off all the social media accounts for the time being. There are many distractions in my personal life, and I do not need to add more due to social media. Social media posts are so interesting that you will not realize how fast it consumes your precious study time.”

Use The Internet Wisely

One of the benefits of using the internet is your online class which is already a wise decision. There are so many other good resources available on the internet that will help you enrich your knowledge. Try to find more information about your course whenever you have free time. You have the whole world at your fingertips when you have an internet connection. You can research any events from history, have a mathematician solve a problem, or have an expert explain to you how exactly your car motor works, and many more. There is so much positive content on the internet. Use the internet more to polish up your skills and enhance your knowledge rather than binge watch movies and web series.

Keep Brainstorming

Brainstorming is essential to understand the concepts of your subjects. Brainstorming is nothing but engaging and quizzing your brain. You can use your brain more efficiently by participating in the quizzes. This practice will not only enrich your knowledge but will make you more confident when you appear for your exam.

If you fail in a mock quiz, you still have time to practice the chapter again. Going back to the lessons and participating in the quizzes and other brainstorming activities again and again, will help you understand different concepts.

Create Personal Notes

You should note down important points. In a regular offline classroom, taking notes may make it easy to remember the relevant pieces of learning that you will need to recall later and when you opt for an online course, you can write down your notes or keep your notes on a word document and use the “Ctrl + F” command to find the information easily. This will bring a tremendous change when taking online quizzes and exams. All your notes will be available on the same document and make it easier to find whenever needed.

Take Breaks

You should not take short breaks whenever you want to. Take a break to avoid eye strain. Take short breaks for five or ten minutes and continue studying as per your study schedule. It will help you feel refreshed and enhance your concentration power.

Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

This point might sound odd, but you must eat healthy food and get a sound sleep. The human body needs around 6-8 hours of sound sleep to function smoothly. Eating and sleeping well will reduce stress levels and help you concentrate on your studies.

Be Curious and Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as possible until your doubt is clear. Be curious and don’t be afraid of asking for an explanation or clarification because it is your teacher’s job to clear your doubts. Many online courses have mentors available throughout the day to help you with your doubts. If you are confused about a topic or have problems regarding an assignment, do not wait to ask your mentors. They are there to help students in the learning process and succeed.

Do Not Exceed Your Learning Limits

This rule applies to everyone, but especially to those who are just starting their online course. If you can learn one lesson every day, do not be greedy and complete two lessons just to complete the course before time. It may not make learning effective.


Proofreading is important. I’ll explain this with an example. Assume that your assignment is due on Tuesday, do not wait to do it until Monday night. It generates unnecessary stress and tension. When you finish writing your assignment and read it aloud later, you may see a few errors and possibly find a better way to write something. However, this only works if you manage your time well enough to have that extra time later to review.

Reward Yourself

If you get through certification with good grades, reward yourself. Celebrate your success and enjoy your life before you get back to your next assignment. If you only study and do the homework, you are going to get exhausted. Rewarding yourself with your desired food, gadgets, or tour can rejuvenate your life and make the whole learning process enjoyable and fun.


I have tried to cover so many points to describe how each step plays an important role in the completion of an online course successfully. I hope these tips will help you to study your course effectively.

December 17, 2021

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