Master English! It is Your Language

A few decades ago, English language was spoken fluently only in England, its outskirts and previous British colonies, such as India, Japan, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Egypt, etc. However, nowadays, citizens in Japan, Korea, Africa, and India are all communicating in English by using it as their second language. In addition to that, there are people who speak free flowing English even with friends and family instead of their mother tongue.

These days everybody loves and wishes to speak in English with an intention to get more respect, as it has slowly and gradually turned out to be an international language. People in particular entrepreneurs, students and office going professionals want to master English, as it is the language of the global corporate world. In this day and age, if you are not able to speak English, people may consider you uneducated or a less knowledgeable person.

Most of the people try to study English, but they fail and there are a plethora of reasons behind it. First and foremost, they are scared of speaking properly or they ditch their plan midway or they are not acquainted with proper and systematic means to master English. Considering the fact that, as a beginner if you are able to follow a systematic study plan and follow few but effective tips, then you will certainly master the English language.

Here are some tips that can help you learn English with ease.

  1. Be Patient – Everything good in this world takes time, so does English learning because if it was that easy everyone in this world would have accomplished this task in a jiffy. Therefore, do give it all the time in the world and trust me you will get the desired success sooner or later.

  1. Read, Write and Speak – Practice makes a man perfect, which is why it is pretty important to start making use English words in your day to day life. In addition to that, try to make notes in English whenever you learn something new, so that you can revise them from time to time. Last but not the least, speak English, every, now and then if you can’t speak fluent English start with simple English sentences such as “How are you?” I am fine, How do you do? etc.

  1. Forget your Mother Tongue – I don’t mean that literally but if you avoid using your mother tongue in your day to day life and consider using English instead you will learn fairly quickly.

  1. Watch English Movies, T.V. Channels and Web Series – There are a variety of ways to learn fluent English like watching English movies with subtitles, international web series, television channels like CNN, BBC, to name a few.

  1. World Wide Web – Internet is an ocean of information and you can find an extensive number of websites in English. All these websites can help you learn as well as improve your English writing and speaking skills.

  1. Stay Away from the Confusion – There are a lot of synonyms of English words and while speaking in English people make use of several different words to express similar things. So, you don’t need to learn every single word, even though you must know their real meaning.

  1. Clear All your Doubts – There is a psychological sentiment in people of previous English colonies that English is a language spoken by superiors and everyone can’t learn English language. It is a myth and English is a language, which is similar to your mother tongue, so learn naturally.

  1. Join an English Speaking Course – You can’t just speak English with everyone you meet, so simply join an English learning course, which has a discussion and doubt clearing group that can help you practice on a regular basis.

To be honest it will take a substantial amount of time to learn English and then speak fluently. Master English naturally like you learnt your mother tongue without any fear.

December 28, 2020

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