Learning the English Language Can Make You Smarter

This might sound weird but learning a new language enhances your cognitive and analytical abilities. Learning English is easy but it requires a logical process. This changes the brain structures and impacts the parts of the brain responsible for memory and conscious thoughts thus it can make you more creative. In the longer run, a bilingual (a person fluent in two languages) person can keep the brain stronger and healthier in old age, and being able to speak two languages supports concentration and memory skills.

Advantages of Learning English as a Second Language

We Become Better At Decision Making

Humans are known to be an emotional machine, our decisions are based on many circumstances. Our ability to think about and solve most of the problems is influenced by many emotional factors which can be less logical at times. The majority of emotional decisions are taken in our mother tongue thus we connect more whenever we discuss something. Being emotional at decisions can sometimes put you in trouble and to avoid this situation all you need is another language.

A lot of researches have shown that thinking about a problem in a foreign language slows the process of emotional connection and the thinking is not influenced emotionally. Your problem-solving approach becomes more logical with a new perspective of an entirely different language. This will help you come up with versatile ideas to solve the problem at the workplace.

We Become More Creative When We Know Other Languages

Creativity comes when you can look at one thing from different perspectives, usually, people with a creative approach look at every challenge differently, this makes them have more options to choose from and convert the challenge into an opportunity to solve by making unexpected connections. Having a rich diverse vocabulary base gives a new vision of the world with a different look.

Learning English Can Enhance Practical Intelligence

In the process of learning English language, we often become catchy for the words and sentences spoken around us which leads to a stronger and more vigilant comprehension.

While learning a new language and communicating in that language we become extra observant to the body language, and other clues that speakers leaves behind while speaking. We do this to exactly figure out, what is going on and how to respond to it, in this process we indulge our brain to observe and react as per the situation, this can save from many unexpected situations due to some human speech errors. It doesn’t only enhance your observational ability but also strengthens empathetic connections and your practical intelligence raises, no matter which languages you currently speak.

Bilinguals Can Deal With Situations Easily

We all are going through tough times during this time of life, the situations are not only shaky but unpredictable too, sometimes we can solve the problems and at other times we just can’t solve it. We find alternatives to deal with these problems and that is what happens if you are a bilingual (a person fluent in two languages). The feeling of uncertainty is not new to the bilinguals as they day to day cope with a foreign language without prejudice, which increases their tolerance power at handling uncertainty the more they practice.

It is proven that people who can tolerate equivocacy find problems exciting rather than frightening. People who are fluent with two languages posses mental agility that is much in demand among top companies.

Global Knowledge Base Can Make You More Educated

Even if you’re on your retirement age or just started to attend schools, signing up for any English class would be a good idea and a favor to your brain. Once you are fluent in English you can access global knowledge base of your choice.

Today, English is used as the medium of communication in most of the parts of world and people share their knowledge and research in English usually, not only this but you may also join some classes by experts virtually and learn the skills as per your interest to advance in your career, when you communicate in global language you can connect with other learners for a quality discussion or you may join a forum where you get access to a lot of practical content about most of the categories.

As I said, learning English can make you smarter and we got to know how this happens, not only with your brain functions and cognitive boost but with education access too. Learning is a never ending process and it should keep going to maintain a healthy and active mind. There are so many resources where you can learn from, all you need is an open mind to learn and find the right resources of your choice on internet. There are many courses, study materials and learning tips available like Learn English with Awal on social media and other online platforms where you can learn at your own pace.

July 19, 2021

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