Impact of Learning English on People’s Lives and Its Benefits

The necessity of learning English in modern times includes many things. We are not only talking about the accent, but also the development of effective communication skills.

We boost our confidence when we communicate with others in English. We are habitual of using English in our daily life. As we are the citizens of a progressive country, this is not our want but our need. Furthermore, not only the urban population but also the small towners and villagers need to learn English.

Learning English: A Boost to Our Career

Learning English helps us in various ways; one of them is getting better opportunities in our careers. Though we know our native language is spoken more, we need an extraordinary skill to get better opportunities. English is going to help us acquire the career opportunities that we tend to leave just because they require effective communication skills.

If we are good at English, our chance to get better opportunities increases. It is going to help us in our career growth. Many of us know English, but if we have a good command of English, it will make us a better communicator than others.

In addition to it, we must have a good command of English, but if we don’t practice Spoken English, learning English will be of no help.

Benefits of Learning English

Learning English Enables Us to Help Others Grow

We all know that a teacher is the one who learns something and teaches their learning to others. He/She helps his/her pupils achieve their desired goals.

Similarly, a person who has made his career can help others grow their careers. Yes, we all need someone who can help us. Learning English will give us a chance to be that person. A guide can guide others only when he has the required knowledge. Also, a significant advantage of learning English is that we wear our confidence.

Build Local Goodwill

All of us want to have goodwill in society, but it is not that easy. Educated people are respected everywhere. Respect is an important aspect of goodwill. We all want to be respected, so we all need to be educated; not only in our native language but also in English. If we try to figure it out, we find that this is one of the most common reasons for learning English.

A person who is educated and has goodwill can conquer the world. Having goodwill is a win-win situation. One can realize this only if he has goodwill. A person can become immortal if he or she has goodwill. Honorable A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is a great example of goodwill. Although he is not alive, he will live in our hearts always.

Personality Development

Personality plays an important role in learning English. It doesn’t just mean physical appearance. It means the qualities that one has to make one’s personality. If we develop a good personality, we will know how to handle things efficiently in different situations. In addition, a pleasing personality requires adopting different policies and paying heed to others’ perspectives. Learning English helps us build an ideal character. A fluent English speaker always stands out in the audience. That’s what makes his/her personality attractive to others.

Better Communication with Local Government Bodies

As mentioned earlier, English is one of the most popular languages in the world. This means that learning English makes it much easier to communicate with others. In the context of local government bodies, we need to convey our thoughts into our words to them. We need a significant way of communication to share our problems with the government. If we can communicate well, we can make our words more effective and impressive, that’s why we need to learn English. Though most of them speak the local language, if you are a good speaker and listener, you can make them listen to you.

Bring Development and Technological Advancement To Rural Areas

The English language provides children with a great number of opportunities to practice their English. Learning English helps understand the weather forecasts and other agricultural news.

The English language helps us with making people of rural areas educated and good citizens of our country. The use of technology in rural areas has improved agricultural practices and other economical factors. Technology has ultimately resulted in upgraded the living standard of people living in rural areas. Learning English helps people bring new and innovative technology to the rural areas.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning English and transform your life.

July 8, 2021

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