How to Pronounce English Words Correctly

We all want to learn English. We face many difficulties while learning a new language. One of them is pronunciation. It can be a piece of cake if we are aware of the kind of mistakes we usually make and we correct them. Usually, most of us make minor mistakes, but their impact on our speaking skills is not minor.

Importance of Correct Pronunciation


As we learn the English language. We need to speak correctly so that the listener should get the right words and information. If we speak or pronounce incorrectly, we will lose the focus of listeners. Pronunciation gives our speech a flow that leaves a good impression on others. Pronouncing correctly makes us confident. Pronouncing correctly shows an excellent command of language.


Problems in Pronunciation


Pronunciation is very important for speaking. What are the basic reasons for mistakes in pronunciation?


We read something and we speak it differently, we listen to something and do not get it correctly and speak it incorrectly. Ignorance of new words that have some silent letters. We face problems in pronunciation of some lengthy, typical words because our tongue is not in the habit of pronouncing them.



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What is MTI?


MTI means Mother Tongue Issue. We all try our best to learn English, learning the English language is like a journey. In our pronunciation, our MTI plays a major role. It helps us to learn this language early and easily. If we have MTI issues, we have some difficulties in pronunciation but in this world, a problem comes with its solution; the practice of pronunciation can reduce these difficulties. As we are talking about MTI issues let me give you some examples of them. The word ‘WHAT’ is pronounced as ‘Waat’ rather than ‘Wott’, the word ‘HONEST’ is pronounced as ‘Hhonesst’ rather than ‘Onest’ with the MTI issue.

If we practice these words slowly and gradually, we will be in the habit of pronouncing them correctly.


How to Improve Pronunciation

We face problems in every work we do. In learning the English language, we face many problems. One of them is pronunciation, but it has many solutions. Some of them are:-

  • To not commit mistakes, we need to make our vocabulary strong and vast.
  • Try to learn new words. We should practice speaking in front of people. In the very beginning try to speak in front of a mirror, then in front of your friends and family.
  • Learn some very basic grammar rules regarding pronunciation.
  • Practice tongue twister for 15-20 minutes a day. E.g. If a dog chews a shoe, whose shoe does he choose?


Some Words and Their Pronunciation

English is a very simple language to speak. Sometimes we need to be aware of some little rules in the pronunciation of some words like;

If the letters ‘I’, ‘Y’, ‘E’ come after the letter ‘C’, the pronunciation of such words will be ‘S’ not ‘K’

E.g.  ‘Advice’ = ‘uh-dvise’ not ‘uh-vike’.

‘Dice’ = ‘dise’ not ‘dike’.

‘Tion’ is pronounced ‘Shn’, but ‘S’ comes before ‘tion’ and is pronounced ‘chn’.

E.g. ‘Caution’ = ‘kaw-shn’

‘Question’ = ‘kves-chn’


Stop Wasting Time and Start Practicing To Become a Fluent English Speaker.

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