How to Develop Reading Habits in Your Child and Its Benefits

Apart from being a fun and recreational activity, reading helps children improve their skills and abilities in many ways. Reading in the regional language as well as English can make a child a good orator or speaker. Also, if a parent inculcates reading habits in their child, it will help their child to be good at speaking as well as writing the language or languages they read in.

A parent needs to help their child brainstorm every topic they are taught, and to develop good reading habits in a child, it is necessary that every parent takes care of the following points that are listed below:

Make Your Child’s Learning Fun and Enjoyable

A child will not do anything just because of someone else’s wish. As a parent, one needs to make a plan and make an effort to gradually indulge their child in reading. Children like to watch cartoons and listen to fairy tales, so just connect their favourite cartoon or a fairy tale with reading. Buy a book that has the child’s favourite character in it. Let your child read those books that have a lot of pictures. It will help your child develop an interest in reading the content because your child is already familiar with the story and characters since he or she has watched these cartoon shows on TV.

Reading the book that they are comfortable with can remove obstacles to reading, help and boost children’s imagination, and spark a keen interest in reading. Such books give purpose and relevance to the children as most children have watched at least one cartoon, and they have a favourite character in it, that’s why this will also make your child’s reading experience fun and enjoyable and it will motivate them to pick up a book. Eventually, it will help you develop good reading habits in your child.

Let Them Decide

There are so many books for kids in the market. As soon as you get your children into reading their first book, you should let them decide what book they would like to read next. Give them a few choices and let them select any of the books so that they feel that they have the right and power to read the book of their choice. Once they choose a book, they will read it without complaining because they have chosen it. This practice will help the children to develop their reading habits and it will also make them understand the importance of decision-making in real life.

Make a Reading Schedule

To develop a love for reading in your children, as a parent, you must encourage your child to read at a particular time every day. Try to fix a schedule when your or an elder is available to help them understand some difficult words, and monitor them. Write notes to your children that they strictly need to read every day to develop their reading habit

Read To Your Child

There is no doubt that real-life examples are one of the best motivating and interesting factors for everyone including children. When a child sees their elder doing something, they follow the same. So, make sure that you read to your children on a regular basis.

As a parent, when you start following these few tips, it will definitely help you inculcate reading habits in your child. Now, we also need to understand why reading is important and what significance it has in a child’s life.

Benefits of Reading a Book 

Promotes Life Skills

Children are great at adapting to anything given to them. That is why children can develop their confidence, communication, flexibility, self-control, and traditional skills. This will help them to connect with the wider society, culture, and communities.

Improves Linguistics

Regular reading can develop children’s linguistic skills. It will help them learn correct sentence structure, grammatical rules, and vocabulary. That is not all because reading can improve spelling and pronunciation both in their mother tongue and in English language. Reading loudly also enhances their speaking skills and, in turn, it improves pronunciation and diction.

Improves Memory

According to one study, imaginative reading can help protect memory and reasoning skills, especially as you age. Many authors even suggest that reading every day can slow down the late-life cognitive decline in old age. When you keep reading something, you easily tend to remember and recall what you read. So, this can help your child to have good memory retention.

Defeats Anxiety

Reading is a great method to calm the mind, and it can help your child feel relaxed and be distressed. Children can learn to use reading as a helpful tool in their everyday life. While a child may not notice any changes, his or her parents may see a significant difference in their child’s behaviour and personality.

Generates Empathy

Stories strengthen children’s emotional intelligence and empathy towards people. As they read, they explore different topics and personalities. Sometimes, they also learn about real-world situations unintentionally and think about how they would feel if they were in somebody else’s shoes. It helps the children to be respectful towards others’ feelings as well as other cultures.

Encourages Questioning

Books are the tools that help children to grow their imagination and make them more open-minded. Different books have different backgrounds, and thus, reading can help them learn about other people’s lifestyles. With a lot of learning, reading books also helps them think creatively and enhances their creativity. Reading daily builds an increased awareness of the world and enables the children to form their own opinions and ask relevant questions.

There is no wonder that a single exercise of reading books can benefit children in so many ways. These benefits are sufficient to motivate us because we understand all these benefits and how important reading habits are.

So, now you know the importance of reading, and I hope you have understood these approaches to develop a reading habit in children.

October 16, 2021

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