Goal Setting: A Thorough Guide

Have you ever had a goal?

One of my friends had a goal to be a technician, a cell tower technician. Of course, he decided his goal after watching a cell tower technician working at a good height in a television show. After some time, when he saw a real cell tower technician climbing the tower, he changed his mind. His mind was changed because of the excessive-high climbing. He said, “It is better to be a mountaineer if I have to climb this much.” My friend was young at that time and lacked maturity and thought that he had no choice other than keep changing the goals as soon as he found something difficult. In this article we will talk about what enforces us to change our goal and what importance do goals have in our life. 

Goals Change

Many of us have had goals since our childhood, and the funny thing is that our goals keep changing. For instance, the friend that I talked about earlier changed his mind again. He is now completing his course in Mechanical Engineering. He wants to become an automobile company’s owner and expand that business. The main idea is that goals keep changing, evolving or unfolding over time. When we set our goals in childhood, we do not measure ourselves against them. As time passes, we start to measure ourselves and change our goals as per our abilities and interests. For example: A boy who was very good at writing wanted to be a doctor. When he realised that his creative writing stands out from everyone else, he changed his goal to become a popular journalist.

Goals Keep Us Going

People working in different leadership roles are aware of the importance of goal setting for a bright future. Goals are important for motivation that keeps a person going to achieve the impossible. Now, we know that setting a goal is good to make our lives better. The problem is that many of us do not know how to keep the right spirit alive to achieve our goals. Sometimes, we just get demotivated because of various factors, so we think it’s foolish to set a goal, but we need to understand that we can live happily only when we have a purpose, a goal. That’s how goals help us to keep going and move forward in every aspect of life. 

Endless Choices

Goals are more likely a door. I am saying this because we set different goals at different points of time and don’t know about how to achieve a goal until we explore ourselves and try various things to achieve our goals. Every door we choose leads to different paths. There are endless doors, endless ways to explore, but we do not need to open all the doors. We should understand ourselves and choose as per our understanding and likability.

Inspiration or Goal

Goals are set when we are inspired by something or someone. Sometimes, inspiration comes from someone who is determined to achieve their goals. Both of these things are true. We need to understand where a goal or an inspiration for goal setting comes from. Recently, Neeraj Chopra secured a gold medal for India in the Tokyo Olympics. There are likely to be some individuals who are inspired and would want to participate in the Javelin throw now after watching him. This is a clear goal-setting by the influence of an inspirational achievement. Goals can be set at any time, but retaining and achieving a goal is an entirely different thing.

The Sky’s The Limit

We sometimes believe in other’s perspectives when it comes to our abilities. For eg: If a teacher tells you that you are bad at maths, you’ll keep this statement with you and may not try to become better at maths. Our brain has endless possibilities to become better at not only maths but also at any other subject. The main thing is that we should not limit ourselves to someone else’s opinion. Always remember that the sky’s the limit. You can achieve anything you want if you’re determined to get it. Your financial, physical, or geological condition cannot and shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals.

Find The Real ‘You’

I have observed many people setting their goals and making choices about their careers, and none of the choices was wrong. They achieved what they deserved in that specific field as per their abilities. Most of the people swam against the streams and achieved even greater results because their goals matched with their abilities. The first rule for deciding a career goal is that you should not take challenges for granted. You need to know how to deal with them or at least have the willingness to deal with those challenges. Later on, you will develop the ability to deal with tough terrains on your own. To find your real ‘Goal’, you need to find the real ‘You’. 


Today, many jobs require a second language or provide better opportunities for students who speak two or more languages. If your goal is to learn Spoken English and be a fluent English speaker, you can surely achieve it. It takes time, dedication and persistence. It is not tough to achieve your goals. Your goals can be achieved with little effort that you should make every day by maximizing the practice in your real life. 

I hope you will practice setting goals as per your abilities and do not limit yourself because of someone else’s opinion.

December 23, 2021

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