English Slang Words: Where and How Are They Used?

What Are Slang Words?

Slangs are one of the most confusing topics for English speakers. It can even confuse a fluent English speaker. Slang words are informal phrases or words which are used by local groups or regional communities only. Countless slang words are used in different regions, which is why it is impossible to learn all of them. You don’t even need to learn all of the slang words used all around the world. Do you know that Slang words are not only used in the English language, but also in other languages? For instance, Jhakkas, Bindaas, and Jugaad are the slang words used in Hindi language. There are chances that a person who learns Hindi from a premium institute may not know the meaning of common Hindi slang words. Every country has its own set of slang words and one needs to understand that slang words should be used informally.

How Do Slang Words Make Communication Effective?

Native speakers use their slang words and this is the reason behind their unique conversation styles that are hard to understand. This is one of the reasons why most beginners find it difficult to understand their conversations. It is possible that a slang word may be funny to one group of people and offensive to the other group who belong to a different locality. When you use slang words in a casual conversation with someone, it helps you communicate easily with a particular group of people. You do not need to use any of the slang words for official conversations on emails or other mediums. However, if you tend to talk to people in English, it is a good choice to know the common slang words for effective communication.

Where Are Slang Words Used?

Slang words are more commonly used in speech than writing. If you are a fluent English speaker or even a beginner, you would know that it’s important to know about slang words for better communication and will want to polish up your English speaking skills. Earlier, slang words were limited to a specific area or group. However, these days many slang words are common to the global community, as most of the people use social media. To keep you updated, we are going to share a few common English slang words that are used these days:


Meaning: To leave.

Example: Rohan bounced after blocking the road with a damaged car on the national highway.


Meaning: It indicates that someone has been discovered in the act of doing something mischievous or illegal.  

Example: He was caught red-handed while stealing ice cream from the refrigerator at night.


Meaning: To tell someone to say what they want to say.

Example: “I need to tell you something.” 

“Okay, shoot!”


Meaning: To end a relationship with someone suddenly and without any explanation.

Example: I ghosted him after that horrible incident because I do not want my parents to know about this incident.


Meaning: To treat someone with disrespect.

Example: He dissed me at the party.


Meaning: To do something exceptionally well.

Example: She ran like a Cheetah and won the race. She nailed it!


Meaning: People who try to pry into others’ matters.

Example: I don’t talk in front of my friend because he is too nosy.

Space out

Meaning: To be unaware or not be completely conscious of one’s surroundings.

Example: I could not understand the complete topic because I spaced out for a few minutes.

(as) Easy as Pie

Meaning: Very easy.

Example: Writing my English exam was as easy as pie.


Meaning: To stand, sit, or walk with the shoulders and head bent forward.

Example: I slouched on the chair during the lecture.


Meaning: A job.

Example: I don’t think she’ll get the gig.

Straight shooter

Meaning: An honest and straightforward person.

Example: He said that his father was a straight shooter.


Meaning: Annoying or trouble maker.

Example: Those pesky boys have broken the rules again. 


Meaning:  A man or guy.

Example: Hey dude, what’s going on here?


Meaning: Something very good, enjoyable, and exciting.

Example: Today, the party was lit.


Meaning: To be angry because you’re hungry.
Example: He gets hangry when he doesn’t have his lunch on time.


Meaning: Someone who is unpleasantly assertive or forceful.

Example: Don’t be pushy. 


The list of slang words is never-ending because there are uncountable slang words used all around the world. Whenever you visit a new region, you’ll notice some local slang words in every language. Some people may not find it related to the topic, but slang is an important part of a language. Slangs can be used to convey a message by a community or a group secretly, without letting anyone else understand. You can also create your own slang words for smaller groups, convey your messages, or have fun with your friends using slang words.

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