A Guide to Time Management while Learning English Online

Time management plays a significant role in learning English while taking classes online.

“Time and tide waits for no one.” Geoffrey Chaucer

The most common escape we have to prevent ourselves from doing work is to give an excuse of having no time. Most of us, while attending classes online give less importance to our time management which leads to very bad impacts on our learning process.

Owing to the change in learning patterns in the recent past, we see most of us prefer to take classes online. Online learning has acted as a boon for all of us during the last few years. Most of us have started to learn English online by opting for an online course. The problem arises when we cannot manage time and attend classes regularly.

We will discuss the importance of time management and look into the various aspects of how it plays an important role in the learning process.


Why do we need to Manage Time while Learning English Online?

Courses can be bought by investing money, but when it comes to buying time, no one can afford it. While learning English online, we come across situations when we find ourselves left with no time to attend classes or watch the video lessons.

Considering the importance of learning English in the present era of globalization, time management plays an important role in the learning process.

In addition to it, by not attending the classes we miss the regular practice which is suggested according to the course and fail to get desired results.

Now let’s talk about some tips which can help you manage your time.


What Are the Ways to Manage Your Time while Learning English?

These following tips will make your learning better and give you an idea on how to use your time more efficiently.


1. Learn while travelling

Most of us drive to work or go to work by metro. Instead of spending time on social media, one can use this time in a more productive manner. Watch a video or a lesson from your course and begin your day by learning something new. Since you are in a fresh state of mind, you can relate to concepts better and can grasp things easily. This would not let you waste your precious time and give you a better opportunity to learn things at ease.


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2. Be productive in your leisure time

We get some spare time at work or in any part of the day when we are left with no productive work at hand. This is the best time to look into the new diverse concepts of English which can help you improve your English fluency. Our mind can retain things better when it is relaxed. This state of mind can be used productively by appearing in the tests given in your course. Knowledge can never be enriched unless tested. Appearing for tests during your leisure time will help you perform tests better and advance yourself to the next stage of learning.


3. Revise before going to bed

Revision helps you retain it for a longer period. After a hectic day, you get some spare time before going to bed. This period can be used for revising through all the stuff you studied the whole day.


4. Making a schedule

Schedules help you organize your tasks and manage your time effectively. In the beginning, one finds it difficult to follow the timetable, but you can achieve everything if you have patience and dedication. Dedication can help you complete your daily tasks. What would help you, even more, is to make such a timetable as per your convenience. This will act as a confidence booster.

Besides these, there are many other benefits that will help you in learning good etiquettes. One such benefit would be having a sense of punctuality. Moreover, it will invoke a sense of responsibility towards your duties too.



Time management is significantly a very easy task to accomplish. One who is fully determined to achieve a goal will automatically manage some time and make efforts to achieve it. Everyone has their priorities. It is through these priorities we give importance to our work and progress through it. So, learn the art of time management. It is the key that will open a door to a successful career.

“The key to time management- to see the value of every moment.” Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

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