50 Phrasal Verbs with Hindi Translation

5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Go’ and their Hindi translation

1. Go along : Continue an activity- किसी काम को जारी रखना

Please go along with your work.

2. Go away: Leave a Place- एक जगह छोड़ दो

I request you to go away from here right now.

3. Go through: Experience something- किसी चीज़ को अनुभव करना

It would be best for you to go through the adventure once in your life.

4. Go back: Return- वापस जाओ

The teacher asked the students to go back to their respective classes.

5. Go after: Pursue- पाने की कोशिश करना

A dedicated person will always go after his goals.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘talk’ and their Hindi translation

1. Talk at someone: To talk to someone without letting them speak- किसी और को बात करने का मौका ना देना

She has a habit of talking to everyone without listening.

2. Talk over something: Discuss something- किसी विषय पर बात करना

We went to the café to talk over our holiday plans.

3. Talk back: To reply to someone in an impolite way- किसी को पलटकर जवाब देना

My son used to talk back to his teacher in school.

4. Talk around: To avoid discussion- बचे रहना

No solution can be reached if you talk around everything.

5. Talk something through: To discuss something in detail- किसी विषय पर विस्तार में बात करना

We talked through the issue of global warming.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Put’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Put Aside: To keep something- बचाकर रखना

They decided to put aside some money for her education.

2. Put Off: To stop- रोकना

They had to put off the wedding due to a financial crisis.

3. Put Through: To make someone do or experience something unpleasant- किसी को कुछ अप्रिय अनुभव कराना

Tom whom he called his best friend put him through a difficult situation before the teacher.

4. Put Down: Criticizing someone- किसी की आलोचना करना

It is a bad habit to put down someone and discourage his capabilities.

5. Put Together: To build something- कुछ निर्माण करना

He put together all the words and made a correct sentence.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Keep’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Keep Up With: To maintain pace- गति बनाए रखने के लिए

Technology is growing so fast it is hard to keep up with it.

2. Keep Back: Remain at a distance- दुर रहना

The police ordered all the people to keep back from the thieves.

3. Keep Up: To continue doing something- जारी रखना

Our teacher told us to keep up the good work.

4. Keep After: To tell someone again and again to do something- किसी को बारबार कुछ करने के लिए कहना

His kids kept after him to quit smoking.

5. Keep Down: To hide- छिपकर रहना

Please keep down someone is coming.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Turn’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Turn Up: When someone arrives unexpectedly- जब कोई अप्रत्याशित रूप से आता है

My sister turned up for my birthday this year.

2. Turn Down: To refuse a request or an offer- किसी अनुरोध या प्रस्ताव को अस्वीकार करने के लिए

I turned down their job offer as I am already working.

3. Turn Into: To change or develop into something else- किसी और चीज़ में बदलना या विकसित होना

Our holiday turned into a nightmare because of the continuous rain.

4. Turn Over: To change Position- करवट बदलना

Please turn over to get a better look at the sunset.

5. Turn Against: To become hostile towards someone- किसी के प्रति शत्रुतापूर्ण व्यवहार करना

Both the brothers turned against each other after their father died.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Step’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Step Aside: To leave an important job or position- कोई महत्वपूर्ण कार्य या पद छोड़ना

She stepped aside from the position of director to leave the country.

2. Step Back: To stop for some time- कुछ देर रुकने के लिए

 This is the moment to step back and think for a while.

3. Step Out: Go out: बाहर जाना थोड़े समय के लिए

I will step out for half an hour.

4. Step In: To help someone- किसी की मदद करना

She stepped in to help the blind man on the street.

5. Step Forward: To offer to help somebody- किसी की मदद करने की पेशकश करना

She had to step forward to reveal the information to them.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Fall’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Fall Apart: To be in bad condition- बुरी हालत में होना

Don’t be reckless otherwise, your plans might fall apart.

2. Fall Back: To move back suddenly- अचानक पीछे हटना

She fell back in horror to see him suddenly.

3. Fall Behind: To be less successful- कम सफल होना

I have fallen behind in the loan payments because I lost my job.

4. Fall Down: To fail to meet expectations- अपेक्षाओं पर खरा उतराना

I am quite good at writing English but I will fall down on the speaking part.

5. Fall Off: Getting separated from the thing it is attached to- जिस चीज से जुड़ा होता है, उससे अलग हो जाना

Be careful! Your bag will fall off the pole you have attached it to.


5 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Look’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Look Ahead: To think about what will happen in the future- भविष्य में क्या होगा इसके बारे में सोच ना

I am trying to look ahead at what will happen tomorrow to take precautions.

2. Look Back: To look again at something to remind- याद दिलाने के लिए फिर से कुछ  देखना

When I look back I am full of happiness

3. Look Through: To briefly examine- संक्षेप में जांच करने के लिए

He looked through the pages of the book to understand the words.

4. Look Down On: To treat someone as unworthy- किसी के साथ अयोग्य व्यवहार करना

Everyone looks down on her because she is not educated.

5. Look For: Expecting Something- कुछ उम्मीद करना

He told his son that he will look for some improvement in his results.


5 Phrasal Verbs on ‘Bring’ and their Hindi Translation

1. Bring About: To bring something to cause it to happen- कोई काम पूरा करना

They wanted to bring about a change in society.

2. Bring Down: To defeat someone or get defeated- किसी को हराना / हार जाना

The mistake made them bring down their own defeat.

3. Bring Along: To bring someone or something with you- किसी को या कुछ अपने साथ लाना

The students are expected to bring along their parents to the picnic along.

4. Bring Around: Persuade/Convince someone to do something- किसी को कुछ करने के लिए राजी करना / मनाना

I hope he will bring around his sister to accompany him to the party tonight.

5. Bring Back: To make someone remember something- किसी को कुछ याद दिलाने के लिए

I have some photographs of the trip which bring back old memories.


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