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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Raju in a forest. He was a woodcutter. One day, he was cutting the tree, and suddenly, he heard a cry. He realised that it was the cry of the same tree he was cutting. He was bewildered. He ran back to his house in haste and forgot his axe there.

Next day, he went back to get his axe and found that the trunk of the tree was all red. Just when he touched it, the tree cried again. This time, he felt brave and asked the tree what made him cry like this.

The tree answered, “All of my friends are dead. You were going to kill me too.”

The woodcutter realised what a grave mistake he had made by cutting all those trees. He promised the tree that he would plant more trees now, so that the tree could have new friends and also save the environment.


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