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Word of the day Elicit

Elicit meaning in Hindi


किसी से कुछ निकलवाना जैसे कि कोई जानकारी या reaction

Kisi se kuch nikalwana jaise ki koi jaankari ya reaction

Elicit meaning in English

To get or produce something, especially information or a reaction

Elicit Synonyms (Related Similar Words)

Obtain, evoke

Elicit Antonyms (Related Opposite Words)

Overlook, disregard

Word Elicit Uses and Examples

Have you managed to elicit a response from them yet?
क्या तुम उससे अभी तक कोई जवाब ले पाए हो?

The questionnaire was intended to elicit information on eating habits.
यह खाने की आदतों पर जानकारी लेने के लिए लिया गया था।

They were able to elicit the support of the public.
वो लोग लोगों का साथ पाने में कामयाब हुए।

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